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Designed for movement

Extensive research shows the powerful effects of aerobic exercise on learning and memory. Studies also show the significant health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time.

RunGRE aims to take the sitting out of studying, while adding the benefits of exercise on memory retention.

Remote control flashcards

Click the iphone remote when you know a word. You never have to take the iPhone out of your pocket or look at the screen.

Audiovisual flashcards

RunGRE is the first flashcard system designed with exercise in mind. See and hear flashcards for greatest memory retention, or use audio-only when on the move.

Unlike apps, RunGRE uses standard DRM-Free music files (m4a) allowing it to work on mp3 players, smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Smart playlists

Playlists adapt by playing fewer of the words you know and more of the ones you don’t. Spaced repetition implemented with iTunes playlists.

“Cardiovascular health is more important than any other single factor in preserving and improving learning and memory”

Thomas Crook, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and memory researcher

 Highest frequency words

We’ve done a meta-analysis of all the highest frequency GRE vocabulary list and selected the most critical 500 GRE words you need to know.

 Standard music files (m4a)

Not an app. RunGRE uses regular music files that can be played on any device and operating system you can play music on. Android, Windows, OSX, Linux? No problem.

 Real human voice

Robot voices are getting better everyday (Hi Siri), but they still become annoying when listening for long periods. We recorded a real human to make listening a little more enjoyable.

 5 second delay

A 5 second delay between word and definition gives you the chance to recall the word for yourself, which is critical for retention.